The Dyslexia Unit

Support for Schools

The Norfolk Schools Dyslexia Support Network was established in January 2014 by The Free School Norwich. The aim of the network is to promote awareness and understanding of dyslexia in schools across Norfolk and to provide free practical advice for schools on how to support dyslexic pupils to enable them to achieve their potential. Over 20 local authority, independent, academy and free schools in Norfolk have joined the network to date and meetings take place at The Free School Norwich every term. New schools are very welcome to join at any time.

Support for Parents and Children

Dyslexia is very common, but often goes undiagnosed. It affects a child's ability to read, write and spell. Dyslexia is also a condition which relates to how the brain processes information. It is not linked to intelligence, but children with dyslexia often have difficulty writing and expressing their ideas and understanding on paper. Teaching the right coping strategies and providing the right support can help a child with dyslexia to achieve their full potential at school and also boost their confidence and self-esteem.

The Dyslexic Unit is open after school during term time from 3.30 pm to 6.00 pm. It provides low-cost, specialist support for dyslexic children aged 7-12 in an informal, friendly environment. The Unit also offers screening for dyslexia and free information and advice for parents. Children do not need to be registered as pupils at The Free School Norwich to attend the unit.

If you would like further information about tuition and support for your child in The Dyslexia Unit, please contact the school's Main Office on:

Telephone: 01603 761044


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